Become a tech in training by joining Fidget2Widgets as a Widgeteer!

Widgeteers is a program for high school students who are interested in learning how to develop curriculum and teach and mentor kids like the ones we see everyday at Fidgets2Widgets.

If you’re interested in education, gaming, cutting-edge technology, and STEM topics, then this might be the perfect place to gain some work experience. We’re happy to work with Widgeteers to help them meet any work experience or internship requirements mandated by their schools.

Several Widgeteers have graduated from the program to work for Fidgets2Widgets as employees, and others have used it as a strong entry on their resumes.

Because this program is so competitive, there is an interview process and small tuition fee.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, email us at

Current Widgeteers:

Keegan is a junior at Churchill High School and was a Widgetarian until 14. He is now completing community service hours for graduation.