Fidgets2Widgets was founded in 2012 by two moms who wanted to create a new kind of physical and virtual space—a holistic, hip, tech environment with a STEM focus—that prepares kids for thriving in the digital age. The center’s high-tech and high-touch approach fosters creativity, develops tech skills, teaches healthy life-long habits, and promotes physical activity alongside the many gadgets and games that now dominate our world.

Program Areas

  • Computer Literacy
  • MinecraftEdu
  • Design & 3-D Printing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
  • Technology Focused Exercise Program
  • Multimedia

Fidgets2Widgets operates year-round, offering classes, gaming clubs, as well as summer intensives. Fidgets2Widgets is a MinecraftEdu site with a private server, custom maps, and structured and supervised screen time. We strive to fuel children’s innate curiosity with inspiring curriculum and cutting-edge technology. This unique environment transforms the learning experience. We are a place where Widgetarians receive quality technology education and socialization that gives them the tools to follow their limitless curiosity. Children may come and go freely. We do not provide childcare services.

Our F2W Gaming Network Club offers an ideal place for technology lovers of all kinds. Minecraft, Roblox, Terarria and our curated Steam Gaming Network, reinforces many valuable skills without children even realizing it—math, architecture, design, economics, engineering and science are all taught using these gaming tools.

Tuition Schedule

LEVEL 1 Unlimited Access:  $400/month (Classes and F2W Gaming Network Club)
LEVEL 2 Weekly Classes:  $340/month  (Classes only)
LEVEL 3 A la carte Classes:  $17-40 per class session (cost varies depending on class offered)

F2W Brochure

2017- 2018 Financial-Policy 

  • All payments are due AT or PRIOR to time of service
  • Invoicing available with recurring payment plan only
  • Product payment due AT or PRIOR to delivery of item
  • Credits do not carry over from prior year
  • Non-refundable $50 fee per week of Summer Classes
  • Transfers only…..No refunds
  • Gift cards good for one year
  • 1st child full price, additional children 10% off
  • Registrations accepted online and in person
  • $25 Registration Fee per family
  • All sales are final.