“While, I love the idea of a place that embraces the gamification of education, it’s their approach to the kids—encouraging them to share their learning with each other—that sets this place apart! My boys love this place and are rarely ready to leave when I get there.” —Michael O’Neal, Widgetarian Parent

“My daughter had a very hard couple of years and became withdrawn and very sad. Having trouble adjusting to a big move , she felt like an outsider at school, her self esteem was fragile. Enter Fidgets2Widgets! Fast forward and I see the girl she’s supposed to be! She is completely engaged and even seems to be leading some of the games. This is a safe, and warm place that allowed kids the freedom to let their brain play! I will be forever thankful to Fidgets2Widgets for helping my daughter find happiness again.” —Mary (Maisy’s Mom)

“Kate’s so excited about the business game you did today. She can’t stop telling me about it. Thank you!” Mary Jo McLauglin, Widgetarian Parent

“This place is so fun! I went there last year and I’m hoping to go again this upcoming summer, but sadly I’ll soon be 15 so I will be too old. If you are a parent reading this to find a summer camp for your kids then I highly recommend F2W. If you are a kid reading this and you like Minecraft at all, you will love F2W. There are a bunch nice people there that will play on a LAN world if you want them to. And last but not least, if you work here or volunteer here thank you. You are doing an awesome job! —Kellon Maghan, Widgetarian

“This is an amazing program! It has been such a treat for my granddaughter, to find her place is such a wonderful experience! So worth the time for these children! Love it! Thank you to all the teachers that give children there voice!” —Kathy Breckenridge, Widgetarian Grandparent

“Since we embraced Minecraft through Fidgets2Widgets, my daughter’s teacher pulled me aside to show me her writing full, beautiful paragraphs. She tested out of a reading pull-out class. She regularly gets 100% on math tests.”

“All I want for my birthday is a week at Fidgets2Widgets!” —Dax Sword, Widgetarian

“With Kodu Game Lab, you can have fun, be inventive and I like it because I want to be a software engineer.”—Julia, age 11

“Just happened to be in the area at a hotel close by and wandered by with our 10yr old who saw diamond swords in the window. Minecraft nirvana! Awesome folks on staff made a judgement call to allow us to pay for a few hours of play just for that day! This is something we don’t have in our home area and was a memorable experience! Many thanks for thinking outside the box and for your time and enthusiasm providing a fun and safe learning environment! Keep up the great work.”

“I like Scratch because it is easy to program and make it do what you want.” Maddox, age 12