YouTube Controversy


Kids love to watch YouTube videos! There is so much to learn from the various popular personalities. Dude Perfect, Studio C, Slow Mo Guys, PESFilms are just a few of those channels that have great content and are appropriate for General Audiences. Recently, there were controversies around popular YouTubers Logan Paul  and Lil Tay who are posting inappropriate content for any age. When advertising dollars are dependent on viewership, it can sometimes incentivize high profile personalities to go for the shock and awe.

It’s important as educators and parents that we keep our finger on the pulse. When we hear muffled giggles at F2W, we are quick to investigate. Sometimes we discover some great video being viewed that we can share. Other times we use this teachable moment to encourage kids to change the channel and allow the conversation to deepen. Who are your favorite YouTubers?

Is it Enough to be Sorry?

Image result for burning house in minecraft

Sometimes anger, hurt, jealousy or insecurity comes out in destructive ways. Your neighbor, who built that beautiful house in Minecraft, enrages you and you find yourself torching the house when the owner is away. Or maybe someone is mean…, rejecting you. You are so deeply hurt that you lash out later in an act of revenge. Even grownups struggle with these strong emotions sometimes. Later you may feel sorry, but is that enough? Regret is a very important first step, but it is not enough. Restorative Justice requires listening to the one who you have wronged, REALLY listening. This process of deep listening always turns regret into remorse, remorse becomes the desire to “make it right.” In this process of accountability everyone wins. Punishment is no longer a part of the equation, instead the entire community rallies to restore that which has been ruined or lost. A whole gaggle of children work to build a mansion that replaces the destroyed house, enthusiastically supporting the efforts at healing.

If you as a parent or teacher are looking for ways to build that sense of conscience, or move away from the ineffective punishment model, this article is a good place to start.  Restorative Justice, a Different Approach to Discipline

Superstitions, Conspiracy Theories and the Internet

This is the perfect, creepy, scary week to cover the topic of Internet Safety. Today we talked about how to vet a news story, cross-reference a link, and investigate the truth. Here is more information that you and your family can talk about over dinner:

Acronyms and Your Special Needs Kid

Over the years, we at Fidgets2widgets have become familiar with a plethora of Special Needs acronyms thrown around out there. Parents come to us whispering these terms through clenched jaws: ADD/ADHD/OCD/ODD/IEP/2XE. After years of advocacy at school, in sports clubs, at church, parents feel marginalized and exhausted from their superhuman efforts. Take heart! Your child is an amazing presence on this planet. They are more than their diagnosis and you are more than their advocate. You are a parent. You deserve to enjoy the experience of parenting! 70% of the children attending F2W are ADD/ADHD, on an IEP at school or otherwise labeled special needs. Amazingly, once kids find their tribe, feel accepted for who they are and no longer feel left to struggle under the weight of a label, they come alive. Without the fear of wiggling too much or making too much noise, these kids bounce on yoga balls while intensely focusing their attention. Music flows through headphones, Hokki stools gyrate as these talented adults of tomorrow create animated videos, slideshows, virtual worlds, math spreadsheets, hydro powered factories and virtual scientific experiments. We marvel at the genius before us!

The leaders at F2W, themselves movers and shakers and outside the box thinkers, can relate and support your unique learner. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where those who fidget can thrive and grow. No need to whisper acronyms in hushed tones. Hold your head high and speak with confidence, for you are the parent of an amazing and gifted child!