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People of all ages love reaching goals, completing challenges, and being recognized for their achievements. They can motivate and incentivize us to do work, or learn a skill. In school we earn grades & degrees. At sports we get trophies. At work we get awards & certificates. In gaming we get points or coins.

Our goal was to develop a curriculum for kids & adults that introduces them to new concepts, tools, and skills surrounding technology. So we built a video learning, quiz & badge system that does just that.

We started with 40 categories ranging from computer connections to 3d modeling, html, css & javascript. Each category has 3 badges (bronze, silver, & gold). Each badge, has it’s own video lesson & quiz attached to it.

The instructor, can bring up the video lesson, have a discussion about the content, then proceed to administer the quiz. Students can login to their badge account, and take the 8 question quiz showing they have learned the material.

If the student answers one question incorrectly – they cannot take the quiz again until the instructor allows it. However, if the student answers all questions correctly, the system will award them their badge!