Three Ways to be an Inspired Parent in 2017

Whether your family celebrates during the Holiday Season, or whether you opt-out of the holiday madness, winter is a season filled with family closeness, cocoa and brisk weather. How can you capture the magic of this season and use it to inspire and influence the entire next year? Here are some tips:

  1. Spend stress free time with your child. Pause from the sports and homework commitments to experience your child without pressure or deadlines. Go to the park, read a book together, go shopping. Relax and BE together.
  2. Make a list of your child’s top three strengths. Ask yourself how you might help increase these strengths. What fuels your child and how can you bring more of this fuel into their lives? It is much easier to deal with challenges from a resourced, empowered place. We all need fuel.
  3. Ask questions that inspire deeper communication. Allow yourself to be curious and share this curiosity with your child. Nothing lights up the eyes of a child more than feeling the honest interest of an adult. They love any opportunity you give them to teach you and tell you what they know and feel. Don’t be shy. ASK!

Something that sets the holidays apart from the rest of the year is our generosity of spirit, the time and space we dedicate to family. Infusing everyday with this same generosity and focused family time has the power to transform our relationships and our experience of each other. It truly doesn’t take much effort, only focused intention.

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