We’re expanding!

We’re very excited to announce the expansion at Fidgets2Widgets! If you’ve been in to see us recently, then you might have heard talk about us expanding into the space right next door. If not, well then consider this us letting you in on the news! This new expansion will be a room dedicated to our middle-school-aged Widgetarians. Grades 6–8, this room is for you.

This expansion gives us enough room for twenty additional Widgetarians and another classroom space. We’ve got big plans for this space! We’ll keep you updated as we continue moving in.

This past weekend was the first time we had access to the space, and thankfully we had some great volunteers who helped us start making the space our own. That included lots of wiring and heavy lifting. A special thank you to Justin’s dad, Matt Ditorrice, for spearheading our volunteers and for all the hard work!



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