Redstone TIPS

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Redstone is a power source. Torches provide light.  If connected to Redstone, torches becomes Redstone Torches that can power a distance of 15 blocks (1 tick) without repeaters.

Building Repeaters:

Put three solid blocks in a “V” formation.

Put a redstone torch on one side of the bottom block.

Put redstone dust under the other side of the V (on a solid block).

Place a repeater on the middle block, pointing toward the dust.

Pressure Plates can be made of stone or wood

Ingredients for Detector Rail:

Iron Ingot (6)


Stone Pressure Plate

Stone buttons can be created by placing a stone block in the center of the crafting menu

Lever is crafted with cobblestone and stick

Pistons and Sticky Pistons are Redstone fueled blocks that can be created by:


Piston Cobblestone + Any Wood Planks + Iron Ingot + Redstone
Sticky Piston Piston + Slimeball


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