Never Good Enough

There is a lot out there about kid’s poor self-esteem. Not so much about parent’s waning sense of self. Why not? Because it’s taboo. Parents fly in the door, urgently pleading with their child to hurry up before anyone has even said, “hi.” Why? Because they are late!! Because everyone is scheduled and double booked and double parked and racing onto the next. What happens in the midst of this frenzied activity? Parents begin to feel less than competent. Parents begin to believe that they are never quick enough, organized enough, detailed enough or competent enough. They look around and see other parents flying between appointments and assume they do so with ease. Not SO! Everyone is tired, depleted and looking for a way to catch up. The good news in all this? Your child doesn’t care. They want YOU, your attention, your reassurance, your time. They aren’t comparing you to their best friend’s parents (not really) because they think you are just perfect as you are. All they want is that leisurely greeting, that spontaneous trip to the park or book store, that sweet moment over a bite to eat. You are your child’s hero, so take a deep breath and believe it.

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