Kids who don’t fit in

A few years ago, kids in the minority who didn’t fit in were called nerds or geeks. Today kids who are smart, twice exceptional, on an I.E.P. or struggling with ADD are the norm. They fit in with their peers. The only ones who seem to struggle with these labels are the grown ups. Parents, teachers and therapists pathologize and worry about the long-term, while these kids thrive within their peer group. “Why are you being weird?” one child was heard asking the other day. “Because I have autism.,” the child responded. “That’s not weird. Why are you being weird??” was the ready response.  I had to laugh. None of the kids worry about autism or aspergers or anxiety or ADHD today. They accept each other. It is a diverse and complex world. They get it. But having “a diagnosis or condition” is not going to get you off the hook at F2W. You still are expected to be kind, include others and share your brilliance. From this perspective,  the future is BRIGHT! In a world where being different is the norm and the only rules are to “be kind, share with others,  and be your true and brilliant self,” what is there to fear?

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