Right Answer, Wrong Answer. “Did I get it right?”

Can I say it? Will you quit reading about Fidgets2Widgets if I say it in public? Well here goes. I’m going to type the words on this page…….”I hate homework.” I didn’t say I won’t help your child with their homework. I will help cheerfully and conscientiously. But, I have learned to hate homework because the focus is always on getting the answer right. No matter what the subject, the question I always get is, “Did I get it right?” Of course, if your child did get the answer right, then they want to speed forward! No lingering over right answers. Let’s just move forward and be done. If the answer is wrong, it is met with groaning, and lamenting how looooong this homework is taking. “When can we be done?!!”

When it comes to learning, I don’t want to EVER be done. I am a curious human being and I want to learn everything I possibly can. I want to foster that same curiosity in your child. I want to ask those deep and profound questions, grapple with what we don’t know or understand. I want to search for the answers together and then linger over our “right answers.” Even wrong answers lead us to the right ones, RIGHT?

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