Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Even though most of us never took a parenting class in High School or were officially taught how to parent, we know that a parent’s responsibility is to KNOW and to TEACH. Right?? We remember well those nights spent doing homework with our parent’s helping us or learning about the world at large from those giants called “mom and dad.” So, why is it we feel so inadequate with our own kids? They seem to be speaking a different language and rarely ask for our help. When we try to teach them something they brush us aside with, “I know, I know,” often surprising us with what they actually DO know. At Fidgets2Widgets, it is common to hear parents admitting that they have no idea what their kids are saying when they talk, “Minecraft, YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat.” “It’s like he’s talking a different language,” a mom of an 9-year-old sighed. “And to tell you the truth, that’s one of the reasons I limit his screen time. I don’t know what he might be getting into and it scares me.”

What we fear, we avoid. But what if we didn’t? What if instead of avoiding, we asked our kids to show us? Cross generational mentoring is here and it is exactly what we need. We have a unique opportunity that none of the other preceding generations have had. We can learn from each other, So the next time your techie child is speaking that foreign language you can’t comprehend, tell them they are brilliant and ask them to show you. They will be thrilled to do just that and while you are at it, you may just find that perfect opportunity to mentor them!

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