Parenting the Twice-Exceptional

We have two Minecraft Servers at Fidgets2Widgets. One is named Greenfield, a project that lacks constraints, where creativity is KING! The second is called, Widgetaria, a magical place where our Widgetarians can dream and live in a Utopian society. Many of the citizens of these lands are twice-exceptional kids–kids who are gifted in one area and experience learning challenges or disabilities in another. It is commonplace for that young architect who is creating epic structures and designing eco-friendly cities, to ask how to spell a simple word later when typing. Letters get transposed, easy math feels daunting. The complex circuitry of a redstone invention may seem easy, the memorization of times tables….impossible! Your twice-exceptional child may be struggling in school, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other tools necessary for success.

Identifying your child’s unique strengths means looking at the whole child. Are they socially gifted, charismatic or comedic? Does your child’s unique verbal expressions leave other grown-ups scratching their heads in dismay? Maybe your child’s connection to nature borders on environmental activism. Kids who feel “seen” can face the challenges of disability much more easily than those kids who feel pathologized or shamed. The other day, a middle-schooler who wasn’t yet able to read asked for help. Within moments, a group of kids formed around him, encouraging, offering to “type” for him, normalizing his experience. Kids get it! They aren’t afraid, they just want to help.

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