Screens will make you lose your sight and get hairy knuckles

When I grew up it was considered bad to read too much. Being a book worm was a very bad thing and I was warned about the harm I would do reading and straining my eyes in the evening. Barbie dolls were too sexy and not appropriate for little girls. Conversely, playing cowboy and jail games wasn’t lady like. Fast forward a few years to rock music. I was told that I was going to ruin my ears and blacken my soul. The thought of dancing to such a beat could only lead to ONE THING! I weary of the projections and craziness we heap upon our children. Let them be themselves. Let them play. Let them learn with video games, computer screens, books, music and nature. 50 years from now we’ll be laughing at ourselves yet again. Allow your kids to be curious and creative. Celebrate the technological wizards that they are! -Sydney Ashland

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