Autumn Schedule at Fidgets2Widgets

For all of those Widgetarians who have asked, here is the Fall after school schedule at F2W. Hours are from 1:00-7:00 so that we can accommodate various school dismissal times. Each day includes Homework help, Minecraft time, and an Enrichment Module. OPEN ALL DAY ON NON-SCHOOL DAYS!

Daily Routine Includes Homework Help, Minecraft & Module

Sept 2-5      Transitions to School Week (Centering, Saying Good-bye to Summer, New Goals)
Sept 8-12    Move, move, move (Just Dance 4, Wii Sports, Wipeout on X-Box & MORE)
Sept 15-19   Navigating Social Media with Responsibility

Sept 22-26   Role Playing Games 
(Virtual, Imaginary and Board)
Sept 29-3     Data Mining (Collecting and Interpreting/Beginning Statistics)
Oct 6-10       Servers & Networks
Oct 13-17     Screentime AND Balance 
(Choices that feel good)
Oct 20-24    Widgetarians Got Swag (Fashion, Make-up, Muscle Building, Peers)
Oct 27-31     Special Effects and Costume Design
Nov 3-7         Latchkey Safety Tips 
(Schedules, Friends and Chores)
Nov 10-14    Games of Strategy (How they help/What you learn)
Nov 17-21     Patterns, Algorithms and Fibonacci
Nov 24-28    Cyber Security and Privacy


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