ADHD and Screen Time

We have many ADHD kids at F2W and have worked with many over the years. An ADD mind needs enough stimulation and direction to harness its awesome power. Trying to quiet it or shut it down never works well and increases anxiety. Sometimes, having music going in the background while reading or doing two things at once helps these minds focus. Lumosity has this great computer exercise where there is a nature scene. A bird shows up with a number superimposed on it. You identify where the bird flashed on the screen with your mouse. The background constantly changes. You select the correct region and the number you remember superimposed on each bird. After doing this exercise, kids focus much more easily. ADHD kids are especially drawn to this game.

The inherent rewards of screen activities are perfect for ADHD kids and the rapid fire movement of the computer processor matches their fast moving brain. They can often click on the mouse more rapidly than the processor.

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