What kind of mother are you?

We are used to hearing mothers use animal metaphors to talk about themselves. “I’m a mother bear,” she says. Someone else comments, “I’m a mother hen, what can I say?” Yet another mother calls herself a “tiger mom.” Animal metaphors are fun, but they don’t work so well in cross species mothering. Bears spend most of their time in very food focused activities and mother bears can be lethally defensive even when the threat is minimal or non-existent. Mother hens do fuss over their brood, but they also chatter too much, nit pick and ignore pecking order issues. Tiger mothers can be fierce, opinionated and aggressive. Good in the jungle, not so good if you want to raise a child that is cooperative, thoughtful and non-violent. The very best energy to use in raising children is “human mother” energy. Human mothers are experts at bonding nurturing, teaching, challenging, disciplining and using their wisdom to raise balanced, happy children

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