Technology & Kids

Tina is at the end of her rope. She left her Tablet on the coffee table while Troy sat reading for History class. Leaving the room for a moment, she returns to find him playing a computer game on her Tablet. “What happened to homework?” she asked pointedly. No response. “I hate technology,” she exploded as she took the Tablet from her son. He stared at her blankly as the tirade began. Many parents find themselves in this situation. Frustrated with the many hours kids sit in front of the television, video games or other technology, parents worry about the effects of such exposure on their children. Yet, technology is here to stay, so what to do?

Moments later, having regained her composure, Tina asked Troy what he was reading for History. He said he was reading about the Vietnam War. Tina picked up her Tablet and within moments had pulled up a Kahn Academy video on Vietnam. Mother and son sat together mesmerized by the material. Within minutes, Troy was interrupting the video to ask questions. An animated conversation ensued. Forty minutes later mom smiled to herself as Troy surfed the net to find even more information about the war. What might have been a tense an angry evening turned into a stimulating and bonding time for mother and son. Technology used mindfully, is positive for all.

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