Low Energy Signals

As I drive my car throughout the week, I glance from time to time at the fuel gauge. I want to keep an eye on the “fuel bars” and get more gas before I run low. Shortly after I got my car I almost ran out of gas. The fuel light came on. I made a mental note, but then became distracted with something else and neglected to get right to the gas station. It wasn’t long before I felt the motor chugging and the car begin to slow. Kids have warning signs when their fuel runs low. They whine, they cry, they dawdle, they become overly excitable as they siphon off the last dregs of energy available. What they need most in these situations is MORE energy. Just as yelling at my car to keep moving and moving well does not work when my fuel source is low, scolding my 12 year-old in the face of dwindling resources only compounds the problem. Rest, food, water, comfort or play are often just the fuel sources needed to get everyone back on track!

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