When I was your age……

Perspective is a funny thing. It changes, depending on the direction from which you are making the observation. I often hear parents compare their children’s lives to their own. This is never a very good idea. If your life as a kid was difficult, then your child’s life can be seen as “cush, a walk in the park, easy.” If your life was wonderful as a child, then your child’s lack of appreciation for all that you consider fun and good can be maddening. How much better to re-frame the present moment. Your child’s disinterest in helping in the kitchen and baking can be seen as a positive. You have raised your child to know what he/she wants and they feel safe enough to express it. The fact that you perceive your child’s life as filled with wonderful opportunities you never had, means that you have successfully fulfilled that childhood wish. You have given your children more than you had. Perspective is a funny thing. If you stay fully present….it can be beautiful!

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