My granddaughter was supposed to come over on Saturday. I was looking forward to it….excited even. As the time approached for her arrival, the phone rang instead. Apparently she was having a rough five-year-old day. To quote my son, “She’s on her third melt down, so we’re staying home.” I was disappointed, but I understood. When Sunday rolled around it was a better day. The whole family came over for the afternoon. When I asked my granddaughter about why she had had a rough Saturday, she said, “I was having trouble listening.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot since then. I have trouble listening too sometimes. In fact, my sons all accuse me of failing to respond when I’m on my computer or SmartPhone. Of course, I think they are exaggerating. I do wonder though, what the world might be like if we all listened better to each other. We adults create all kinds of trouble for ourselves personally and globally when we fail to do so. My granddaughter has inspired me. I think I’m going to work on my listening too.

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