School Fears

At about this time each school year, some children begin to experience school fears. The newness of school has faded and real issues rise to the surface. If the fear that arises is around survival (i.e. food/cafeteria issues, bullying) this is a 1st chakra (earth) issue and will need your intervention. Ryan was turned down at the lunch line because his payment wasn’t recorded. Uneasy and scared, he went without lunch and felt sick by the time he got home. Mom went into the office with Ryan the next day. Together, they talked to the school secretary who was empathetic and very concerned about Ryan’s need to eat each and every day. Ryan learned that there were trustworthy adults at school (even in his parent’s absence) that would and could help him. Since eating is connected to our very first experiences of a safe or unsafe world, it is important to address survival fears right away. In this case, mom responded perfectly.

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