Good Intentions

My mother used to talk about a certain path to a very hot place being paved with good intentions. For the longest time, I thought having an intention was useless, that it didn’t mean much at all. However, when I had children of my own I came to understand what it means to be well intended. I didn’t want my children to belong to the “clean plate club,” or think that they were good or bad based on their behavior or be burdened with the need to be “seen and not heard.” Instead, I intended to raise my children very differently than I had been raised. In my efforts, I made big mistakes. It seemed that one very good intention would lead to an unintended mistake. So, I’ve decided that intention is everything. If I inadvertently take my child to a scary movie because I want to create a cool memory, or forget to teach the value of not wasting in my effort to be easy going about leaving food on the plate. If I accidentally miss a “thank you” or a “please” lesson because I am trying to teach authenticity and honesty….so be it. Next week, we will laugh about the scary movie and attend to portion size so as not to be sooo wasteful. We will remember to thank Aunt Lizzy for the silly gadget that no one can figure out. After all, the path to heaven is paved with good intentions!

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