"I will"

One of the most aggravating phrases that parents hear from tweens and teens is, “I will. Just a sec.” or “I will later.” Of course, that next second or “later” never come. Instead parents are left feeling frustrated, resorting to nagging, punishing or throwing up their hands. The reason for this universal brush off is that children this age are beginning to feel their power. They have heard their parents or teachers ask them to wait time after time and so now, as they move into that oh, so grown up age of 11, 12 or teendom…they want the privilege of making people wait as well. Of course, they absolutely intend (most of the time) to follow through, but when you are a child, time is fluid and unlimited. The best way to deal with this stage is to smile, take a deep breath and ask for a specific time and then supervise the follow through. Soon your chick will leave the nest and you will long to hear, “I will, mom, just wait.”

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