First Days of School

Transitions can be hard. The transition from summer time play and activities to school routines are no exception. You can help your child adjust by paying attention to their energetic needs. Kids who are organized, hard working, pragmatic, earthy types need structure, to get to school on time. Those watery connectors/feelers worry about the social aspects of school. “Will I know anyone? Are all my friends returning and who will my teacher be?” These children are the worriers and need lots of reassurance. The fiery go-getters, the movers and shakers….the doers who can’t wait to get into the thick of things, need help with patience, slowing down a bit. The airy artists and chatter boxes, need help with organizing their backpacks, getting to school on time, grounding themselves. The cerebral thinkers, those little computers who are always plugged into their own little processors need reassurance about P.E. and the social aspects of school. School has started again. Yea!! Good luck.

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