Kids and Swimming

The one activity my children love during the summer is swimming.  Time seems to stand still for them at the local pool.  No matter how long we have been there, they beg to stay longer.  Their skin can be pink, their fingers wrinkled, and still they try to negotiate a few more precious minutes.  The other day, as I watched my youngest chase other boys around the pool, my middle child jump from the highest diving board, it struck me that they were both drawn to water activities that mirrored their energetic stage.  My 14 year old enters the pool via the sky, wind brushing across his body as he gracefully dives into its chilly depths.  My 9 year old collaborates and competes with whatever “new friend” he meets.  The fire stage, at age 9, is all about peer interaction and competition, while the air stage at 14, is all about self expression and freedom.  I smiled to myself and vowed to let the boys win in the negotations today.  For what’s 15 more minutes where important developmental milestones are involved?