Weekend Sleepovers

I’m not a big fan of sleepovers, yet in our household it seems to be a weekly event.  By the middle school years, a child’s social network has become their “second family.”  My son’s friends have become such a part of our family that I hardly notice their presence at the supper table any longer.  Friday night rolls around and it is a part of the family routine to schlep him over to a friend’s house or pull out the air mattress for someone to sleep here.  I used to foolishly think that these overnights interfered with sleep, but that was before the hormones kicked in, rendering these middle school children sleepless until well after midnight and comatose until noon the next day.  By Friday night, like most parents, I am tired.  I don’t want to argue or negotiate, I just want to hit the sack myself and get some zzzz’s.  Last night the house was strangely quiet.  I laid in bed listening for the sound of video games or the trip trapping of feet on the way to the fridge.  “Hmmm….What are they up to?” I wondered.  Then, I remembered.  My son was staying over at someone else’s house last night.  Ahhhh, time to relax and just go to sleep.  

I was just dozing off when the phone rang.  “Hey, mom?” the voice queried at the other end of the line.  “Did you call me awhile ago?”

“No.  I’m in bed,” I muttered.  I sat up and looked at the clock.  This better not be some cockamamie call asking me to make a fast food or video run!

“Oh.  Well, mom, I just wanted to say good-night.  I love you,” he whispered it into the phone.

“I love you too,” I said, as I smiled in the dark.  The click of the receiver told me that he had hung up.  Rolling over in bed, I sighed.  Ahhhhh, time to relax and just go to sleep…..