Trouble at School–When the teacher calls for a conference….

Now that school is well underway, there are parents who are discovering that their children have learning or attention issues that they never knew existed.  Teachers are gently delivering news that is difficult for any parent to hear.  That adorable baby who showed every sign of genius level intelligence has grown into a child who is struggling.  Parents are surprised to find out that their child has reams of back work to do and is slated for additional school testing.  One of the first things such parents need to keep in mind is that a child sitting in a classroom of 24 other children may behave very differently in this setting than they do at home or in small groups.  There are many factors that influence a child’s ability to learn and concentrate, not the least of which is the learning environment.  Parents need to spend time in the classroom observing.  This can easily be accomplished by volunteering.  You may discover that the size of the class, personality clashes with peers, or the teaching style of the teacher contribute to your child’s learning difficulty. 

Who is your child energetically?  How do they learn?  Is yours a child who learns by doing, not by seeing or hearing, a more earthy energetic style?  Or does your child “feel” their way along, highly intuitive and prone to follow their hunches rather than the directions (more watery by nature)?  Is yours a fiery child, a passionate creator who needs to feel stimulated and challenged?  Are they simply bored and getting into trouble as a result?  Your airy child, on the other hand, may need to talk, talk and talk some more.  They move quickly from one project to the next and are often misunderstood and seen as unfocused.  If your child has an etheric learning style, they are analytical and will want to connect all the dots.  Complexity excites them.  Overly simplistic “baby” work will bore them to tears.  You as the parent know your child best.  Who are they and what do they really need to succeed scholastically?  There are many alternatives available today.  So take the news from your teacher in stride.  This is an opportunity to become actively involved in your child’s educational process that not all parents get.  Your child is unique.  You were right all along!