Parenting on the Run

Children need to spend large chunks of time with their parents.  I don’t believe that quality outweighs quantity.  Children need both.  There are many ways to increase the amount of time spent together as a family, without destroying the daily schedule.  You can visit with your children while sauntering down the  aisle of the grocery store, while doing chores or cooking dinner.  You can invite your child to join you as you run across town to finish an errand.  Cars are wonderful places to share stories from your day, listen to music together and otherwise feel close.  Spending time together need not be spent sitting at the table playing “Scrabble,” although this is a game I would highly recommend to those so inclined.  Some of the very best conversations I have had with my children have been in line at the Post Office or sitting in the car together. We are busy, our children are busy, but even in the midst of all of our activities we can make time for each other.  Our children learn through our modeling.  If they experience us as making time for them today, they will include us in their tomorrows.