No Energy

It’s Sunday night and I am tired.  As I feel the tightness in my shoulders and the weariness in my bones I realize that I need to spend some time restoring the balance.  I’ve expended more energy than I have taken in.  Consequently, I feel tired and depleted.  If I were to continue to ignore the signals, I might get sick or become emotionally shut down or depressed.  It’s dangerous to push through the fatigue, grab a cup of coffee and keep going.  Yet that is what we do.  There is much to do and not enough time in which to do it.  Television and magazines encourage, even our children to reach for that energy drink, that sweet, that power bar.  What ever happened to good food, a long night’s sleep, a refreshing walk and some peaceful time spent alone in rejuvenation?  As I listen to the rain beating on the roof, I decide it’s time for bed.  Think I’ll sleep in tomorrow.

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