A Family Adventure is Afoot

I’m so excited!  Tonight at midnight a brand new, wildly popular sequel to a previous video game comes out (Halo3).  My sons are waiting with baited breath.  My youngest, who will be thirteen in a few short days, thinks that he and I are going to pick up the game after school tomorrow.  Little does he know there’s an audacious plan afoot.  Tonight at 11:55 I will wake him from a sound sleep, force him to pull on his pants; then we will rush over to the local mall, joining long lines of individuals waiting to pick up their game.  It’s silly and somewhat irresponsible to awaken your seventh-grader at midnight on a school night, but life is short.  It’s easy to forget that, to get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities and commitments.  Next thing you know you’ve missed the opportunity to be silly and irresponsible.  I want to create memories with my children that go down in the family chronicles as outrageous, spontaneous and exhilarating.  So, if you see us in line, give us a wave.  The more the merrier!

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