The High School and College Years

We’ve talked about younger children going back to school, but we haven’t really addressed the older kids returning to high school or college.  The ether stage of development is often frightening to parents who fear the consequences of youthful rebellion.  Stories of substance abuse and violence on campus worry us.  Teen movies depicting sexual conquests make us uneasy.  Staying involved with our children at this stage is very important.  This is not a time to back off and just wait and see.  This is a time to stay engaged and connected, supporting our children in their need for intellectual stimulation and exploration.  Ether energy can be intense, elusive and explosive if it is met with too much airy lecturing or fiery resistance.  Connect with your child around the issues they are passionate about.  Listen.  Have the party at your house, organize a political rally around an issue that your child and their friends feel strongly about, engage in youth group activities at church.  If your child is attracted to the exploration of altered states of consciousness through alcohol or drugs, suggest ways of exploring in other ways that might include: various types of meditation practices, martial arts, high adrenaline sports activities, self-actualization therapies, etc.  Our ability to remain confident and our willingness to trust, goes a long way.  Remember that this stage is merely the last in a series of stages that contribute to making your child a well-grounded, feeling, connected, creative, expressive, intelligent and reasonable individual.

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