“Love” is a word that is used pretty casually in our society.  Although it has been misused and commercialized, it is much more than a mere word.  Love is a principle (i.e. I choose to act in a loving manner even when you are unlovable).  Love is an emotion, “I feel so much love for you.”  And finally love is the powerful force that makes healing possible.  Some families use the word freely and say, “I love you,” before they go to bed, leave the house or go on a trip.  Other families don’t say the word very often, but convey it through their actions.  Ultimately, love is the energy that keeps our families together.  Despite our flaws and mistakes, our love for one another motivates and sustains us.  We may not always “get it right,” despite our best intentions.  But even if we get it “wrong,” returning to that spirit of love, we can rise again tomorrow and try yet again.

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