The Energy of Holidays

I love holidays, for they are usually family centered times.  Each Holiday has an energetic basis.  For example, Thanksgiving is the “earth” energy holiday.  We honor our earthy needs for food and shelter, spending time with our families sharing the spirit of gratitude.  Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza are “watery” holidays filled with the effusive emotion of goodwill, giving and love.  It is interesting that frozen moisture (snow) is also the physical element associated with these holidays.  July 4th (in the US) is the holiday associated with “fiery” passion, conviction and celebration of our freedoms.  Time is spent honoring this day with fire works, and loud boisterous celebrations.  Labor Day, Memorial Day and Martin Luther King Day are all US holidays that focus on the “airy” quality of self-expression.  We move through the world with others, voices raised in a spirit of solidarity, memorializing our workers, our soldiers, our civil rights.  New Years is an “etheric” holiday of transcendence.  We make resolutions for the coming year based on our desire to evolve beyond our present condition.  We resolve to become the best that we can be by enlisting our conscience, our powers of higher intellect and motivation.  The elements surround us, infusing our everyday lives and special days of celebration with power and meaning.

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