Good Days & Bad

I’m feeling a little edgy today, not really grumpy, but just enough “off” to notice it.  I’m not my usual chipper self and don’t feel like chatting.  Today is a day for introspection. I’m used to the ups and downs of life and make allowances for days like these.  I haven’t known anyone in my adult life who is always happy, always “on.”  Yet, isn’t this what we often expect of our children?  I’ve witnessed parents cajoling, teasing, shaming or scolding a child who is grumpy.  We seem to have adopted a zero tolerance policy for irritable, ill-tempered kids.  If we find ourselves unable to “pull” our children out of their “mood,” we often begin blaming external circumstances.  Mikie is teary because he is teething.  Rachel is quiet because she didn’t get enough sleep.  Jordan is hyper because he ate sugar.  The excuses go on and on and on.  What a gift we would give our children if we were able to accept their various moods with as much grace as we do our own.  What if Mikie was allowed to be teary “just because,”  and Rachel was quiet because she’s having a shy day.  Jordan is happy and just plain exuberant.  Everyone has good days and bad.  Human beings are capable of experiencing a multitude of emotions.  Next time you are tempted to blame your child’s cranky behavior on some external circumstance, don’t.  Instead, smile and say, “Well, I guess you’re feeling a little grumpy right now and that’s okay!”

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