Ever notice how easily children experience the emotion of pure joy?  I work with children who have every reason in the world to be sad, depressed, angry or punitive because of their life circumstances.  I am always amazed at the swiftness with which they transcend their life circumstance, embracing laughter, joy and forgiveness.  Jimmy was a child I knew many years ago who had been neglected as a result of his parent’s addictions.  He was one of the most joyous little boys I have ever known.  Having gone without food, he would inhale any treats that you shared with him and then quickly hide the leftovers for later.  When visiting his parents at their treatment centers he would light up with pure joy upon seeing them.  When playing with other children, Jimmy was the first one to comfort a disappointed or sorrowing playmate.  His unconditional love inspired me.  His boundless energy exhausted me. 

Joy is an effusive and watery energy that is easily shared.  So next time life seems overwhelming, or you find yourself feeling grumpy, seek out a child.  They’ll be happy to remind you how to play and feel light-hearted.  They’ll be happy to share their joy.

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