Time to Connect

Life is busy.  It seems that there are never enough hours in the day to do everything we want to do.  As a result, our families often get the “left overs.”  Work and scheduled commitments come first, family comes next.  We don’t want it to be this way, but we feel powerless to change our situation.  I just sent my twelve-year old off to spend a week with grandma.  I’m going to miss him and the many little ways he connects with me each day.  I will miss the long and complicated conversations about his favorite computer role playing game.  I will miss playing “horse” out at the basketball hoop.  I will miss explaining the latest news headline that he just happens to overhear.  I will miss our little arguments.  I will miss the boisterous sounds coming from the living room when friends, music, video games and TV all compete with each other to be heard.  And of course, I will miss our early morning walks. 

But this is just what I have been waiting for!  I now have time to get some things done.  I have been waiting for this opportunity.  How strange that as I examine my “to do list,” I find that all those really important tasks that have waited for so long, just don’t seem all that important in this moment.  So maybe I should give myself a break.  Maybe it’s been okay for me to let things slide rather than sacrifice family connections.  Because given the chance to choose between being productive and connecting with those I love, I choose connection…hands down.

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