Parent-Teacher Conference

Janet glanced at her watch as she flew down the highway….  She was late!  Swerving in and out of traffic, she managed to make the exit just in time.  Within moments she was at the school.  Hurrying through the front door, she almost jogged down the hallway to her child’s classroom.  Of course Charles, her husband, was already there.  Smiling warmly, he pulled out the chair next to his.  As the parent-teacher conference proceeded, it was very obvious that all three people participating were of very different energy types.  The teacher spoke effusively about Ben, their son.  She understood him well and conveyed enthusiastically all the progress that had been made thus far this year.  Charles was quiet, but attentive.  He appreciated the warmth  and passion with which the teacher spoke, but he wanted to make sure that Ben was on track in all of his subjects, not just those he liked.  Janet, on the other hand, wanted to hear about Ben’s social interactions and make sure that he was signed up for chamber choir auditions.  She wanted to make sure that Ben had plenty of opportunities for self-expression and artistic exploration. 

Three concerned adults, all bringing their unique energetic styles (air, water, earth) to conference.  Embracing each other’s differences not only helps ensure Ben’s educational success, but brings a healthy balance to the situation.  The teacher’s watery energy flows well with Mom’s airy nature and both benefit from Dad’s grounded, practical and pragmatic input. 

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