Technology Today

Michael loves technology.  He is passionate about computers, video gaming, video production and most anything else that has to do with high technology components.  Channeling his fiery/ethereal learning style in these directions, Michael isn’t even aware of the wealth of knowledge that he posseses.  He takes his abilities for granted and assumes that everyone experiences the world as he does. Unfortunately, Michael lacks the self-discipline and maturity necessary to maneuver today’s chaotic and dangerous digital seas.  Little does he know that there are many unscrupulous and greedy adults more than willing to take advantage of his naivete.  Michael needs help grounding himself and learning self-control.  His parents and teachers won’t always be around to protect him from every lurking stranger.  Artificial external controls will keep Michael safe in the short run, but not over the long haul.  I love Michael’s enthusiasm.  I marvel at his expertise.  I look forward to the day when through consistent mentoring, Michael’s maturity catches up with his intellectual brilliance.

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