I spoke in an earlier blog about energetic parenting styles.  Even though each of us has a primary energy type through which we filter our life experience, as parents, we aspire to strike a healthy balance.  Observation is key.  If your nine year old is whiny and out of sorts, a careful examination will help you determine exactly what is needed.  It may be that they need to eat, sleep or feel nurtured (earth needs); they may need some time for connection with you or they may need help sorting out strong emotions (water needs); they may need help channeling some of their anger or creativity through an activity, or may need to spend some time playing with peers (fire needs).  Through observation you can detect whether your child seems out of sorts and stuck (earth), agitated and active without being able to really express what they need, lonely (water), angry, sullen or hyper (fire), withdrawn, mute, dramatic (air), argumentative, debating and egotistical (ether).  Once the detective work is done you can help  your child identify what it is they feel, what they need and what to do about it.  In doing so, you are honoring all the elements and your entire child.

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