The Energy of Eating

Ever watched kids eat?  I mean, really observe how different kids approach food?  You can learn much about their energetic make-up by doing so.  There are the “earth” kids who use their utensils properly and move through the food groups slowly and methodically.  They don’t fool around, but seem to feel most comfortable following the rules of food eating, like drinking slowly and leaving dessert until last.  The “water” kids eat a little and then jump up from the table to do something totally unrelated because they have a hard time staying on task.  They keep drifting in other directions.  The “fiery” ones eat with gusto.  They don’t dawdle or converse, they just shovel it in.  The “airy” types talk a million miles an hour while picking at their food.  They move around the plate a lot, but don’t seem to make much progress.  Finally, the “etheric” individuals analyze what they are eating before they even start.  They either do away with their least favorite food first or decide to leave it until last, but whatever the decision, it is based on very logical reasoning.  They tend to enjoy and savor the various subtle tastes and are inclined to like or dislike foods based on textures and colors as much as taste.  Fascinating.

So, while we’re on the subject…how do you eat?

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